Four Body Weight Exercises That Aren’t For The Faint Of Heart 

Four Body Weight Exercises That Aren't For The Faint Of Heart

Previously we did a post about five body weight exercises you can do anywhere. These next few bodyweight exercises are some of the most difficult bodyweight exercises and should only be done AFTER you have built up your overall body strength and endurance. In the video below, Chris Hichko, the owner of Show Up Fitness will take you through each exercise as well as modifications to build up your strength for the full exercise.


Jumping is overrated but an under implemented exercise that is actually difficult if done correctly. Jumps should only be done after you have built up your overall body strength and core stabilization. See the video below for a step by step guideline on how to build up your ability to jump and then different ways of jumping that you can implement later on.

Nordic Hamstring Curls

Nordics is another exercise that is under implemented. It does require a bit of jerry rigging but once you get set up it's sure to leave your hamstrings feeling the burn. The hamstrings flex the knee and extend the hip. During Nordic's you need to control the eccentric portion with your body weight = VERY DIFFICULT. Some of the more impressive video's I've seen (never witnessed in person) are athletes who can concentrically complete a Nordic (come up from the ground.) Keep the sets and reps low 3-5 reps and learn how to make the exercise fail proof as Chris explains.

One Armed Push Up

This is dedicated to The Rock! The one armed push up has long been one of the hardest exercises that many believe demonstrates their overall strength! Well it does require a lot of strength. In the video below Chris will take you through how to build up your arm and overall body strength so that you are able to do a one armed push up.


Luckily, you can use a wall to hold yourself up. Once your legs are up and above your head you will bend your elbows to 90 degrees and push back up into a straight handstand. Chris will take you through how to build up your strength to progress from a pike to a full handstand.

To watch the step by step routine, click this link to view the full video and learn the modifications and steps you can take to build up your strength and be able to do all four exercises.