The hip joint, consisting of the pelvis & femur, is a ball & socket joint that has 40 muscles connected to it. The iliopsoas (actually 2 muscles, the iliacus and psoas) are the main flexors of the hip, meaning these are the muscles that bring your knee towards your stomach. Having strong Iliopsoas is important for daily activities like walking, going up stairs, as well as exercises like sit-ups and running.

THe Iliopsoas are two muscles (iliacus & the psoas major) and the main hip flexors. Learn all this and more while going through Show Up Fitness Personal Training 2-month internship in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Common pain of the hip can be due to the Iliopsoas. Show Up Fitness and our great partners the Prehab guys will help you fix this and more when attending Show Up Fitness Internship

Common injuries to the hip: FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement)


FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement) Syndrome is a condition in which the hip structure has been altered, either genetically, or more commonly through physical stresses. When someone is diagnosed with FAI, they will present with a CAM Impingement (thickening on the femoral neck), a PINCER impingement (deepening of the hip socket), or a combination of both IN CONJUNCTION with pain/symptoms. It is not uncommon for labral tears to be present with FAI Syndrome as well. This article will focus on exercises for FAI syndrome that individuals can use to manage their associated hip pain!


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