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Ch. 7 Human Movement




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NASM 7th Edition: Chapter 7 Human Movement Science review by SHOW UP FITNESS – CPT

A lot of aspiring trainers struggle with basic kinesiology orientation terminology. Mastering the fundamentals of movement will make the NASM 7th edition SUPER EASY. The exam is NOT difficult if you focus on chapters 7, 11-13 & 21 – THAT'S IT. Within chapter 7, Human Movement Science the main topics you need to understand are:

Biomechanical terminology, planes of motion, muscle actions and muscle synergies (table 7-3.)

Biomechanical terminology

Planes of Motion

Sagittal – An imaginary line bisecting the body into left and right halves only allowing for flexion and extension. Exercise examples: Squats, chin-ups, biceps curls, lunges, running.

Frontal – An imaginary line bisecting the body into anterior (front) and posterior (back) halves only allowing for abduction & adduction. Exercise examples: Jumping jacks, pull-ups, side band walks, military press, lateral raises.

Transverse – An imaginary line bisecting the body into superior (above) and inferior (below( halves only allowing for external / internal rotation, horizontal abduction/adduction and radioulnar pronation / supination. Exercise examples: Chest flies, reverse flies, swimming.

Muscle actions

Isotonic – Force is produced and movement occurs. These muscle actions are sub-dived into concentric and eccentric actions.

Concentric – Muscle shortens against a resistance (brining your hand up during a biceps curl)

Eccentric – Muscle lengthens against a resistance aka the negative (coming down during a squat, push-up or pull-up)

Isometric – Muscle tension is created without a change in length and no visible movement at the joint (planks, wall sits)

Isokinetic – The speed of the movement is fixed and requires sophisticated training equipment usually seen in rehab or a exercise physiology lab.

Muscle synergies:

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    Show Up Fitness has helped over 3,000 pass NASM. Once you pass, get into SUF-CPT to learn how to become a qualified trainer.

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    Jason P

    I recently failed and came across SHOW UP YOUTUBE. I got the guide and with the help of the live calls passed it the second time after a week. Now I’m going through the SUF-CPT and it’s way more digestible than nasm.

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    Study harder or study smarter? Duh. SUF-CPT is the gold standard in successfully passing NASM CPT 7 within a month by helping folks focus on what they need to know vs meaningless certification mill junk. Then transition that in to reading Chris's book and the SUF Level 1 to be a qualified trainer.

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    I’m a visual learner and the videos were very helpful demonstrating what is written in the text & study guide.

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