Show Up Fitness Mentorship Program – ANATOMY EXPECTATIONS

Show Up Fitness

Mentorship Program


The following 60-muscles are what we review during the SUF-MP class which you are required to know at least ONE action of the following muscles:

Upper Body Anatomy (17 muscles)

Rotator Cuff Muscles (SITS)

1- Supraspinatus – Humeral abduction.

2- Infraspinatus – Humeral External rotation, Horizontal Abduction, Extension.

3- Teres Minor – Humeral External rotation, Horizontal Abduction, Extension.

4- Subscapularis – Humeral Internal rotation, Adduction.


LATERAL rotation is the same as MEDIAL rotation.

Major & Minors

5- Teres Major – Humeral extension, adduction and Internal rotation.

6- Pectoralis Major: Three heads, 1-muscle:

Sternal Head: Humeral Horizontal Adduction, Adduction, Internal rotation.

Costal Head: Extension (when humerus is flexed), Adduction, Horizontal Adduction, Internal Rotation.

Clavicular Head: Humeral flexion, Adduction, Internal rotation and Horizontal Adduction.

7- Pectoralis Minor – Protraction of the scapula, Depression, Downward Rotation, Anterior Tilt & Forced Inhalation (during low & high intense exercise; sympathetic breathing / taking a deep breath)

8- Rhomboid Major – Scapular retraction, Downward Rotation.

9 – Rhomboid Minor – Scapular retraction, Downward Rotation.

BRO MUSCLES (Superficial muscles we typically train in the gym)

10 – Deltoid: Three heads, 1-muscle:

Anterior: Humeral Flexion, Internal rotation, Horizontal Adduction, Adduction, Scaption.

Lateral / medial: Abduction, Scaption

Posterior: Extension, Horizontal abduction, External rotation, Adduction, Scaption.

11. Biceps Brachii: two heads, 1-muscle

Long Head: Flexion of the humerus, Internal rotation, radioulnar supination, elbow flexion.

Short Head: Humeral Flexion, Radioulnar supination, elbow flexion.

12. Triceps Brachii: Three heads, 1-muscle

Long Head: Humeral Extension, Adduction & Elbow Extension.

Short Head: Elbow Extension.

Lateral Head: Elbow Extension.

13. Latissimus Dorsi (DIE HARD): Scapular Depression, Humeral Internal rotation, Humeral Extension, Humeral Horizontal Abduction, Humeral Adduction, Scapular Retraction, Scapular Downward Rotation & exhalation.

14. Trapezius: Three parts, 1-muscle

Upper: Scapular upward rotation, Elevation.

Middle: Scapular Retraction.

Lower: Scapular upward rotation, depression, retraction, posterior tilt.

Three muscles you've probably never heard of:

15. Serratus Anterior – Scapular Protraction, Upward Rotation, Forced exhalation, Depression,

16. Coracobrachialis: Humeral Flexion, Internal rotation, adduction.

17. Levator Scapula: Elevates the scapula and Downward rotation.

* Technically the pectoralis major IS NOT PART of the 17-muscles of the SCAPULA as it DOESN'T have an origin or insertion point on the bone. The omohyoid muscle technically is the 17th, but we do not include it part of the SUF-CPT program.

ELBOW anatomy

18. Brachialis: Strongest elbow flexor and elbow pronator

19. Brachioradialis: Elbow flexor (strongest during neutral hand position)

Trunk anatomy (10)

Rectus Abdominis

Quadratus Lumborum

Erector Spinae

External Obliques

Internal Obliques

Transverse Abdominis

External intercostals

Internal intercostals


LOWEr body anatomy (32)

Quads – 4

Hamstrings – 3

Adductors – 5

Glutes – 3

Calves – 7

Psoas Major




Deep Six Rotators


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