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The pass rate for the NASM CPT is 65 percent! That means that 35% fail. Which doesn't mean you're a failure, it means you don't perform great on standardized testing. Well guess what? Personal training is a career where we are working with our hands, not taking tests. The NASM-CPT 7th edition is a terrible test. It measures absolutely NOTHING when it comes to the capacity of a personal trainer. As a trainer, gym owner, and teacher of trainers, I can without a doubt say that passing this test will do very little for your career as a trainer, maybe even hurt it.

If you are outside of the 28-day window to get a refund, you don't care about what I have to say, you just want to pass this exam ASAP. Welcome to Show Up Fitness. We have helped more than 3,200 people pass this fitness certification. The goal is to pass it in as little as time as possible because time is money. DO NOT READ THE 7TH EDITION TEXTBOOK – you're chances of failing INCREASE. There is TOO MUCH information of which most is outdated i.e. text neck, scapular actions, iceberg effect, OPT model & stabilization. By focusing on the MAIN topics, we have helped people pass NASM in as little as 3-DAYS!

Topics to focus on: Chapter 4, 7, 11-13 & 21

Our study guide highlights the main areas that you need to know with charts & tables to memorize. You need to understand completely the OPT MODEL with all of the acute variables within resistance, overactive / underactive muscles, how to assess a client and the stages of change.

We have weekly zoom calls on Tuesday at 4pm pst and Thursday at 5pm pst. Being able to talk to instructors who will be quizzing you to see how competent you are with the main topics that you will be tested on. All of the calls are recorded and placed on demand within the Show Up Fitness APP. You can listen to students crush the quizzes and then compare yourself to see how ready you are. For example, in one of our recent calls I'm quizzing LJ and he knows the answers like nothing. 5-minutes into the call I say, “LJ, you're good to go, go take the stupid exam and pass so you can get back into the daily calls to focus on becoming a qualified SUF-CPT.”

One day later, I receive this DM&

The best tips for studying the NASM-CPT 7th edition:

1. Don't read the textbook.

2. Don't compare other study guides (fitness mentors, trainer academy, Sorta Healthy or the facebook group with Mark who hates show up fitness because we actually help trainers become successful.) They do not have the track record of 3,000+ people passing and suggest for you to read the textbooks – don't do that.

3. Don't take any quizzes on NASM website. We have had people get 50's on their quizzes and pass easily. It's too much of a system overload, FOCUS ON THE SHOW UP GUIDE AND YOU WILL PASS.

Once you pass, reach out to start the process on becoming a successful personal trainer via Show Up Fitness CPT. You get access to LIVE calls and successful personal trainers. Instead of reading a textbook, we focus on anatomy, programming and growing a book of business.

If you FAIL&. Ask yourself this important question& What would paying $200 do? Would you feel like you're a better trainer? The answer is NO, so why? We have helped trainers get hired at Equinox, Crunch, Lifetime Fitness with our SUF-CPT. We're in the process of getting accredited through the NCCA – it takes $16,000 & a 120-page application to be submitted – it takes time! We can help you with your resume and interview skills to get hired anywhere you want to go. It all begins by SHOWING UP!

Example NASM Test Questions to pass in 2023


1) When performing the single-leg squat, what check point should be observed?

a) Ankles c) Knees b) Hip d) Lower back

2) Which of the following is the proper intensity for a client in phase 5 of the OPT model?

a) 10-30% of 1rm b) 30-45% of 1rm c) 75-85% of 1rm d) 50-70% of 1rm

3) The storage form of carbohydrates is called:

A) Amino acids c) Glycogen B) Triglycerides d) ATPase


1) Physical Activity Guidelines recommends adults should accumulate 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week or

A) 30 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity every week.

B) 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity every week.

C) 95 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity every week.

D) 60 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity every week.

2) When performing the Squat Jump with Stabilization exercise, how long should a client hold the landing


a) 1-2 seconds c) 3-5 seconds b) 5-7 seconds d) 8-10 seconds

3) Mabel is 75 years old. She exhibits upper cross syndrome and her arms fall forward during the overhead squat. What muscle is likely overactive?

a) Gastrocnemius c) Mid/Lower traps b) Pectorals d) Adductor


1) Actin (thin) and myosin (thick) are the primary components of myofilaments that make which of the following?

a) Endomysium c) Sarcomere b) Fascicle d) Myofibril

2) Which of the following is a progression of the multiplanar jump with stabilization in the frontal plane?

a) A transverse plane jump with 90 degrees rotation before landing

b) A sagittal plane jump with 90 degrees rotation before landing

c) A frontal plane jump with 180 degrees rotation before landing

d) A coronal plane jump with 180 degrees rotation before landing

3) The concept of ________states that prolonged Golgi tendon organ stimulation inhibits the muscle spindles of the same muscle:

a) reciprocal inhibition c) excitation inhibition b) facilitation inhibition d) autogenic inhibition

DON'T READ CHAPTERS: 1-2, 8-10, 14-20, 22-23 – waste of time and won't be tested on.




If you want to become a successful personal trainer, start your personal training journey today with the BEST fitness certification SHOW UP FITNESS CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER (SUF-CPT)



11 responses to “PASS NASM w/ IN 30-days COMPLETE REVIEW 2023”

  1. Charles P Avatar
    Charles P

    Pass nasm in 9-days with the guide! Went into the SUF-CPT and learned more in a week than the entire nasm textbook SMFH.

  2. Avatar

    Was able to pass NASM in under a month with this guide. Went on to get my SUF CPT and have 10+ clients already!

  3. Avatar

    Show Up Fitness Study guide was the ONLYZ REASON I passed my NASM exam. I've been a show Upper ever since!!! Thank you ShowUp!!!

  4. Thank you Show Up Fitness, I was able to pass NASM on my first attempt with no issues because of the classes and study guide. Because of the internship and the show up coaches, I was able to sign clients right away, start my business and open my gym. I don't know where I would be right now if it wasn't for show up, thanks again.

  5. Avatar

    Pass Nasm in 30 days? I know it sounds like it has to be a catch. But It's not all you have to do is read the study guide and SHOW UP to the zoom calls. As Chris mentioned I was on the call and he was like you are going to do fine go pass this thing. It only took me 30 days to pass the test and I probably could have passed quicker but I skipped a couple of days of studying. Don't over think it buy the STUDY GUIDE! And no you don't need anything else from any other source I know it may sound unrealistic but trust me I'm a example of what happens when you just Show Up! 30 days go get it done so you can learn how to become a real CPT.

  6. So glad I found show up! Got the 4,000 bundle and got a refund. Signed up for the in person CPT in Los Angeles for 1/2 the price! Excited to get my SUF-CPT starting Jan 23rd

  7. Monique Z Avatar
    Monique Z

    The guide was all I needed! Struggling with the textbook for 8-months, then saw the YouTube. At first was cautious due to the “personality” but glad I went forward with the guide. Passed it within 2-weeks from Meagan and Chris. Like most, had no clue how to train after the cpt. Now 8-months into being a trainer and have 4-in person clients and 10 online! SUF-CPT is the way to go. If I could go back, I woulda got a refund but I was too late. Thank you SHOW UP!

  8. Avatar

    Thankfull for the man in the belt buckle him, made it a smooth, easy transition to be able to pass by NASM >. after I passed I still didn't have the confidence I needed to continue my goals. Worked with Chris and talked and asked him 1 million questions and he answered every one of them. Thankful for where I am today and it wasn't possible without Show Up Fittness.

  9. Avatar

    Smartest investment I've made yet! I passed the NASM-CPT test in less than 30 days, without even cracking open the textbook.

  10. Avatar

    Started at a corporate gym last month and the fitness director said it's been one of the hottest starts he's seen. Never seen anyone close as many 36 packs as me so quick. It's all Show Up no joke. 100% of the book and seminars and internship are applicable. Katie's classes on programming and CCA makes programming the easiest thing ever and the classes with Dean and Meghan about adapting to what's available on the fly come into play literally every session I have. Anatomy with Travis made me confident enough to talk with an ICU doctor about pains he was having (he bought 24 sessions after meeting >) Already training 20-25 hours a week in 4 weeks and can absolutely say that wouldn't have been possible without Show Up. Game changer.

  11. Avatar

    So glad I found Show Up Fitness. on day 8 and hoping to complete this guide and pass the exam before the 30-day mark.

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