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  • Ten Steps To Self Discipline

    Ten Steps To Self Discipline

    By Chelsey Rose Man I am just having a full freaking circle moment right now. I'm currently at home with the house to myself and I've just spent the last 2 hours cleaning, organizing, and planning&and canceling plans for tonight that I actually was SO excited for. [I was planning on going to FORMA in…

  • The Chris Diet

    The Chris Diet.  If you’re looking for the best personal trainers in Santa Monica, look no further.  Chris Hitchko explains what he eats on a daily basis.  Carbs aren’t bad, nor are proteins or fats.  Learn what your body functions best on by monitoring hunger and energy levels, while enjoying the foods you love. 

  • No Grain Diet

    The word diet brings into play numerous ‘fads, fixes and fabrications!’ Does that sound like an alliteration? But that is another time and article – back to the diet. I will probably have more people read this article because I put that nasty word in the title.  To set the record straight, I DO NOT believe…