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  • Show Up Fitness: How to Deadlift

    The Deadlift is one of the most popular exercises. It’s one of the three power lifts (the other two are Squats and Bench Press.) The pattern of movement is referred to as a hinge (look at a door and analyze the hinges, that’s how it got the reference.)

  • Nutrient Timing, is there such a thing?

    When I originally wrote this article in May of 2012, I cited the book Nutrient Timing, by Ivy and Portman. The scientific information since then has changed. Succinctly put, there’s no magical window when you have eat after a workout to maximize your #GAINZ! Even though this 45-minute window has been debunked, let’s take a…

  • The Chris Diet

    The Chris Diet.  If you’re looking for the best personal trainers in Santa Monica, look no further.  Chris Hitchko explains what he eats on a daily basis.  Carbs aren’t bad, nor are proteins or fats.  Learn what your body functions best on by monitoring hunger and energy levels, while enjoying the foods you love.