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  • Common Sense is NOW Uncommon.

    My question to the American society is, “Are you implementing these aspects of common sense?” I'd double down on that previous bet and say you aren't. Today, I'm going to help you become a better person by teaching you common sense in all aspects of life.

  • How to read lab results and a blood analysis

    How to read lab results and a blood analysis Howdy Show Upper’s! I’m excited to have my friend and MD, Doctor Chris Perry guest blog today. He’s been a great resource for Show Up Fitness to consult with in terms of contraindications for different medical issues. He’s recently developed an AMAZING sports supplement for endurance…

  • The Chris Diet

    The Chris Diet.  If you’re looking for the best personal trainers in Santa Monica, look no further.  Chris Hitchko explains what he eats on a daily basis.  Carbs aren’t bad, nor are proteins or fats.  Learn what your body functions best on by monitoring hunger and energy levels, while enjoying the foods you love.